Hey, I'm Sean. Thanks for stopping by my website.

If I could sum up my loves, passions, interests, and career pathways, three words would come to mind: mountain biking, academia, and coffee. Interestingly, photography is the connective tissue that pulls all of these disparate pieces together.

However, you didn't come here to learn about me. Instead, you came here because you need something. Specifically, you need photos for your event, product, or service. So, what do you need to know then about me that will help you?

What you need to know.

As I mentioned, I live between academia, mountain biking, and coffee. By day, I oversee and teach undergrad courses focused on digital media and communications, including web design, social media, public speaking, research, photography, and more. At some point, I'll show this to my web design class and let them roast me.

I've also been involved in mountain biking in various capacities. I was a mountain biking guide in grad school and currently am the communications director for our local trail-building advocacy non-profit. I also started a magazine dedicated to trail building called Trail Builder Magazine.

Lastly, I founded and run Loam Coffee Roasters, which brings together my love for coffee, bicycles, adventure, and photography.

How the process works.

Again, thank you for visiting my website. If you're interested in working with me, here's an easy 3-step process:

How to work with me


Decide the scope of your work.

What kind of project do you have in mind? A mountain bike race? Trail building dig day? Event? Product shoot? Portrait shoot? Determine and clarify what you need me for. The more clarity you have the better the project will be.

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So, what's the story with your logo of the luchador?

First, Nacho Libre is my favorite movie (no joke). Second, Nacho is the name of my van, which I use to travel to serve coffee for Loam Coffee Roasters. When on photo assignments, Nacho becomes my mobile creative studio, where I set up shop, edit photos, and sleep.

Photo credit of Nacho the Van belongs to Gabe Tiller of the Orogensis Collective.

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